WHY IS MY PRINTER OFFLINE? Here is your answer!

printer is offline

Even with today’s improvements in technology, computer and printer problems are still a regular occurrence for some people. When you are running a business, there is nothing worse than getting a message showing you that your printer is offline and not knowing how to repair it. We have clarified the possible explanations of why you have got an offline printer, and how you can resolve it. So, if you were wandering, “Why is my printer offline?”, and then here is your answer!

why does it say my printer is offline
why does it say my printer is offline

So really, why is my printer offline!

If your printer is showing an offline message, it means it is having a tough time cooperating with your computer. There can be many reasons for this, from connectivity problems to a fault with your printer. Whatever the reason, there are several checks you can do to regulate which question you’re facing.

  • Verify your connection

The first port of call is to double-check your printer’s relationship with your computer. You should look at the network cable linking printer to the router and check the USB cable joining printer to PC or laptop. If all of these connections seem to be functioning, try moving your cables to substitute ports. If you have a wireless printer, examining the link can be slightly trickier. If your connection is working, but your printer is offline, you can try restarting your machine. This can reboot your model and can sometimes aid your printer to choose the connection.

  • Clean up the print jobs

One document could have caused your printer to go offline. To solve this, try clearing all your print jobs by pressing cancel all documents. This will eliminate the printing queue and allow you to restart your model.

  • Remove and reinstall your printer

Another way you can fix an offline printer is to remove the printer from your PC or laptop and reinstall it. It would help if you now reinstalled your printer to your computer. This usually includes merely connecting your printer to your computer with a USB, and turns it on. However, if you’re reinstalling a wireless printer, you should initially make sure your printer is turned on.

Why is my printer offline windows 10 and how to fix?

Printer not responding messages can cause specific matters on your PC and avoid you from printing documents. Speaking of this issue, here are some comparable problems that users described:

why is my printer offline
why is my hp printer offline
  • Printer not responding Canon, HP, Epson, Samsung

This problem can seem with any printer brand, and if you encounter this issue, be sure to try some of the below-mentioned solutions.

  • Wireless Printer not responding

This matter can sometimes appear if you’re using a wireless printer on your PC. To patch-up, be sure to temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall and check if that helps.

  • Printer not responding to PC, computer

 Sometimes, this problem can happen if your drivers are out of date. Update your printer drivers and see whether that resolves the issue on your PC.

Here are some methods you can follow to solve your problem.

  • Examine your antivirus and firewall

In some cases, printer not responding message can give the impression due to your antivirus or firewall. This usually happens if you’re using a Wi-Fi or network printer. To check if your antivirus is problematic, better to disable it temporarily and check if that helps. If not, your following step would be to uninstall your third-party antivirus software. Once you do that, check if the problem is still there. If eliminating the antivirus solves the issue, you should consider switching to a different antivirus solution.

why does my printer keep going offline
How do you change a printer from offline to online
  • Check all the printer connections

The most logical thing to check first is the printer’s connections with desktop or laptop to see if they’re all correctly plugged in. If the printer connects via a USB port, try linking it with an alternative USB port. For Wi-Fi printers, you’ll need to check that the printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. For example, it could be that the printer isn’t detecting the right network name.

  • Run the Printer Troubleshooter in Windows 10

If you’re getting a printer not responding message on your PC, you might be able to fix the problem by merely running a troubleshooter on your PC. Windows 10 has various troubleshooters that can patch-up common issues. If you are having issues with your printer, you need to run the troubleshooter. After the troubleshooter finishes fixing the problem, the matter should be settled totally.

  • Update the Printer’s Device Driver

Outdated printer drivers can cause printer not responding message to appear. However, you can fix that problem only by installing the latest drivers for your printer. The modest way to do that is to use the Device Manager. Windows will now try to download the suitable driver for your printer. If that doesn’t work, you can always download the latest driver directly from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Is the selected printer the default printer?

You should also check if the printer that isn’t responding is the default one. Note that Windows 10 has a Let Windows manage my default printer option that robotically configures the last printer you printed with as your default one.

  • Check the Printer’s Windows 10 compatibility

If you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10, check if the printer is well-matched with the platform. Almost all new printers will indeed be well-suited with Windows 10, but older printers might not be. You can check if a printer is compatible with Windows 10 on the manufacturer’s website.

What does it mean when an HP printer is offline
Why does my printer go offline in Windows 10?
  • Restart the Print Spooler service

To print, Windows depend on Print Spooler service, but sometimes specific issues with this service can happen. These issues can lead to the printer not responding to the message and other similar problems. Once you restart this service, the request should be entirely resolved, and everything will start working over. Several users are recommending completely stopping this service and then deleting the files associated with it. Discontinuing the service is simple, and you can do it right from the Services window.

  • Install the latest updates

If you’re receiving a printer not responding message on your PC, the issue might be a missing update. Sometimes there might be inevitable glitches on your system, and to remove them, you need to install the latest updates. Microsoft is frequently releasing new updates, and Windows usually downloads these updates automatically. However, sometimes you might miss an update or two, but you can always install them manually. Windows will now check for available updates and download them in the background. Once the updates are downloaded, restart your PC to fix them. After updating your PC, the issue should be resolved entirely.

What does it mean when an HP printer is offline and how to get the printer online?

how to get printer online
how to get printer online

It could mean one of three things:

  • It is turned off or disconnected from the PC. If it connected by a wired or wireless network, the network address (IP address) might have transformed.
  • A user set it offline. On the Enterprise printers, there is a button on the control panel that takes the printer offline.
  • The printer is in a fault state that is avoiding a response.

When your printer displays the Offline status in the printer’s control panel, you might not have connected the printer and computer to the network correctly.

  1. Try to set the printer online. Go to Settings and then Printers. Right-click on the printer icon and click Use Printer Online.
  2. Double-click on the Printer, go to the Printer menu and click Cancel All Documents.
  3. There might be a stuck in print job. That would cause the printer to go offline.
  4. Reboot the printer and computer. If it doesn’t work, reinstall the driver.
  5. Go to Settings, then Printers and choose your printer. Then Right-click on the printer and select Properties.
  6. From the General or Details tab, please search for the driver button and select it.
  7. Reinstall the Printer. Under Printers in the Settings option, choose the printer, then remove the printer and reinstall it through the Add printer wizard.

What to do when Canon printer not responding?

A lot of Canon printer owners are receiving the printer not responding fault while trying to print a document under Windows 10 or an older version. The matter is usually restricted to users that attempt to write from a wireless Lan environment, but there are some incidences with a wired connection.

While some users are reporting getting this error with any document, some users say that the issue usually occurs with the second document that they try to print. After exploring the matter thoroughly, here’s a list of possible causes that might have triggered this message:

  • The printer driver is configured with an unsuitable port.
  • An incorrect access point was selected during the initial setup.
  • 3rd party firewall or antivirus software is interfering with the printer software.
  • USB problem that refuses to establish contact under Windows (if a wired connection is used)
canon printer troubleshooting
canon printer not responding

If you’re currently struggling with the printer not responding error, the following methods might help. We accomplished to recognise quite a few potential repairs that have led to backing users in a similar situation to resolve the issue. Please follow each repair in order until you came upon a method that addresses your situation.

Rebooting your network connection

Before you dive into the more technical ways below, let’s reject the simple potential offenders from the list. Start by making sure your printer is connected correctly to the same wireless network as your computer. If you’re using a wired connection, make sure the cable checks out. Once you got that figured out, restart your printer and then restart your network connection. The easiest way to do this is physically plugging the power cable out of the router/modem.

Change the USB port (wired connection only)

As some users have pointed out, this might very well be a USB issue if the printer is using a wired connection to communicate with your Windows computer. To test this theory, try another USB port, allow Windows to reinstall the drivers required by the printer, then restart your computer once again. At the next restart, see if the issue has been resolved. If the problem isn’t yet solved, disconnect the USB cable connecting your printer to your PC once again. Then, let’s take a look in Device Manager for any exclamation points related to your USB ports and printers. At the next restart, connect your printer back to a different USB port and see if the connection is successful after Windows reinitiates the USB port by reapplying the driver. If you’re still facing the same issue, move over to the method below.

Uninstalling Canon drivers via DELDRV64.EXE (wireless connection only)

If you’ve come this far without a result, let’s see if you’ll have better luck following the troubleshooting steps typically used by Canon technicians to resolve this type of issue. Some users have publicly posted the actions that they were instructed to follow after calling support. This procedure involves using the dedicated uninstaller to remove the printer driver, insert the WEP key on your printer, and then reinstalling the appropriate canon driver from the official download page.

Brother Printer Is Offline A common type of “Why is my printer offline?”

Printer going offline occurs because of varying circumstances, particularly the WIFI, connectivity, and power supply issues. Brother printer offline is no exception as it also has its share of issues. Printer issues can be due to overload or perhaps it may be an issue with the driver, or the network may be undergoing some connectivity problems, and also loose connection might be the culprit.

Why a wireless printer is offline?
brother printer offline windows 10

Trouble can happen anywhere along the line, and a system hardware failure cannot even be discounted. The problem is diverse, and only a critical assessment can identify the real reason so that educative measures can be taken up. Printers are sensitive devices that quickly react and send a ‘printer offline’ message even when there is only a little deviation in the power supply. This is intrinsic in all printers because an underperformance in power would naturally affect the performance of the device. In some instances, a simple reboot of the invention is all is needed to turn it back online. However, if the ‘offline’ thing occurred because the user made some changes in the computer, it is a valid issue.

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